General Education Certificates

From classwork straight to the resume, certificate options are built right into the UNIFI experience. 

UNIFI general education works harder for our students. The requirements are planned intentionally so you get the most out of experience, setting you on the right path with the skills employers are seeking. Built right into the program is the opportunity to earn an extra credential along the way. General education certificates can be a great way to examine issues from a variety of perspectives and disciplines, creating a holistic understanding that you can carry straight into the working world. 

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What's the Difference Between General Education Certificates and Others?


General Education Certificates

While most certificates you find on campus focus on layering your education to build depth in a particular subject matter, UNIFI General Education Certificates focus on examining the subject from a variety of disciplines. This develops a broader and multidisciplinary understanding of certain topics and encourages students to learn from holistic viewpoints. 


Other Certificates

Instead of a broader examination of any one topic, most certificates offered at UNI focus on building depth in particular subject matter. Each new bit of learning layers on top of the last creating an increasingly strong understanding of subjects.