Career Success in Organizations

Preparing students for success

No matter their major, all UNI students will work within some form of an organization during their careers. Whether a for-purpose, for-profit, or governmental entity, knowledge of factors that influence how organizations operate helps employees more effectively contribute to the mission of the organization. The purpose of this certificate is to provide a broad understanding of organizations including factors that influence decision making, levels of responsibility, data and written/unwritten rules that govern operations, and professional expectations for communicating and interacting within the organization.

Coming in Fall 2023!

Career Success in Organizations

Certificate Requirements

Decision-making in Organizations (choose one)

  • ECON 1031 Introduction to Business Economics
  • ECON 1041 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • POL AMER 1048 Current and Emerging Issues in Public Administration
  • POL AMER 3153 Leadership and Management in Public Service
  • PSYCH 3304 Work Psychology: Well-Being
  • PSYCH 3305 Work Psychology: Performance

Responsibility in Organizations (choose one)

  • ECON 1001 Economics of Social Issues
  • FIN 1040 Financial Skills for Smart Living
  • ENTR 1010 Overview of Entrepreneurship
  • POL AMER 3172 Public Budgeting

Numbers in Organizations (choose one)

  • MGMT 2080 Introduction to Information Systems
  • CS 1025 Modern Tools for Exploring Data
  • ACCT 2120 Principles of Financial Accounting

Communication in Organizations (choose one)

  • ENGLISH 2770 Introduction to Workplace Writing
  • MGMT 2113 Business Communication

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