Creative Expression and Meaning

Making sense of the world through creative work

The purpose of this certification is to provide a multifaceted engagement with the process of creative expressions through diverse, artistic paradigms. Rather than view creativity as a state of mind, accessible only through “talent,” students will learn how creative expression and meaning-making is fundamental to the human experience and how they engage with the world around them.

Students will be able to choose from four classes across music, art, theatre, and languages & literatures. The intersectionality of the Creative Expression and Meaning certificate will help students understand the essential interrelation of the arts, in all of its modalities, to life through embodied engagement, making creativity accessible and connected to students’ daily lives.

Colorful Geometric Patterns

Creative Expression and Meaning

Certificate Requirements

Requirement 1 (choose one)

  • ARTHIST 1004 Visual Perceptions 
  • ART 1002 Visual Inventions

Requirement 2 (choose one)

  • MUSIC 1000 Soundscapes

Requirement 3 (choose one)

  • THEATRE 1002 The Theatrical Arts and Society 
  • THEATRE 1005 Acting for Non-Majors 

Requirement 4 (choose one)

  • ENGLISH 1120 Literature: (topic)
  • ENGLISH 2700 Elements of Creative Writing