United States Studies

Examining our nation

Combining coursework from five different disciplines, the United States Studies Certificate offers students the opportunity to analyze the diverse experiences and values of the people of the United States and investigate solutions to over-arching problems such as climate change and social inequities.

Coming in Fall 2023!

Constitution of the United States

United States Studies

Certificate Requirements

Requirement 1 (choose one)

  • RELS 1060 American Religious Diversity
  • POL AMER 1014 Power & Politics in the U.S.

Requirement 2 (choose one)

  • ENGLISH 2420 Survey of American Literature
  • HIST 1110 United States History to the Civil War and Emancipation
  • HIST 1120 United States History since the Civil War and Emancipation

Requirement 3 (choose one)

  • ENGLISH 2520 Multicultural Literature
  • MIL SCI 3190 America's Military Past