Data Science

Building industry-valued skills

Combining coursework from eight different programs, this innovative certificate provides students with the necessary skills to be able to appropriately identify data, analyze and visualize data, and communicate conclusions in quantitative and qualitative domains, preparing them for success in the majors and after graduation.

Coming in Fall 2023!

Student looking through a computer

Data Science

Certificate Requirements

Applied Tools (choose one)

  • STAT 1780 Introduction to Data Science
  • CS 1170 Introductory Programming for Data Science

Social Issues (choose one)

  • PHIL 1560 Science, Technology, and Ethics (STE)
  • MATH 1000 Exploring Social Justice Issues through Mathematics

Information Literacy (choose one)

  • POL GEN 1060 B.S. Detection
  • LIBRARY 2100 Question Everything: Navigating Information Overload

Statistics (choose one)

  • STAT 1772 Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • SOC SCI 2020 Social Sciences Statistics