Working for a sustainable future

This certificate encompasses interdisciplinary topics that address how to promote human prosperity while protecting the planet. This certificate will equip students to understand the ways in which the economy, environment, and human welfare can operate in harmony, and to understand the value of a systems thinking approach. 

Taking Soil Samples



Certificate Requirements

Requirement 1

  • TECH 1015 Introduction to Sustainability

Requirement 2 (choose one)

  • BIOL 1012/1013 Life: The Natural World + Lab
  • BIOL 1014/1015 Life: Continuity and Change + Lab 
  • EARTHSCI 1440 Introduction to Environmental Earth Science
  • GEOG 2250 Nature-Society Relations 
  • PHYSICS 1000 Physics and Everyday Life

Requirement 3 (choose one)

  • EARTHSCI 3336 Natural Resources and Civilizations
  • ECON 1001 Economics of Social Issues
  • HIST 3110 Conflict and Justice in History
  • PHIL 1560 Science, Technology, and Ethics